Nightlife in Burbank, CA
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Nightlife in Burbank, CA

Whether you’re a local out to have a good night, or you’re a tourist that’s visiting for the first time, Burbank has a lot of sights and locations that will generate an exciting experience for anyone who’s looking for late night entertainment and recreation. The Nightlife in Burbank CA is sure to give you an exciting journey into Californian partying. The variety of eateries, clubs, and hangouts can help to make your adventure out in Burbank worthwhile. Here are some popular locations to consider.

Burbank is home to many restaurants that offer quality food and an upbeat atmosphere. The Backhouse Restaurant is an excellent choice if you’re into Japanese dishes, have a taste for sushi, and have a liking for fine dining. Burbank Bar and Grille offers delicious Californian cuisines and has an excellent rooftop patio with a breathtaking view. Live music is constantly circulating through the restaurant for the enjoyment of its patrons. Happy Hour drinks range from $3 to $4, and wings and nachos are $6. It would be wise to grab a table early as the place is extremely popular and reservations fill up fast. If you’re looking for hilarious live entertainment, then stop by Flappers Comedy Club where you’ll laugh your socks off, and be amused by the many national headliners that grace the stage. Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Daman Wayans, and Felipe Esparza are just the few that have performed there.
For the drinkers and those appreciative of their spirits, many bars can help to appease your thirst. Story Tavern, BJ’s, Tony’s Darts Away, and many more pubs and restaurants offer a plethora of choices that are sure to leave your taste buds tingling. The Castaway is another option. It’s a dining restaurant, but its concoctions are to die for! Their Acai Margarita Maui Itch is two of the most popular choices in the restaurant. Another location to visit is CafĂ© O’ Hookah Lounge. It is the ideal place for visitors who are fond of vaping as it has a hookah lounge located inside its walls. The cuisine is excellent and the environment pleasant. The Luna Vine Wine Bar is ideal for trying different wines and also offers particular cheeses to go with your chosen poison. This eatery has sandwiches, desserts, and more that will make your mouth start watering the second you catch a whiff.
After you have had your fill of your drink of choice maybe, you might want to grab a movie. There are three AMC theaters located throughout Burbank for you to choose from. AMC boasts having the highest visits and showings in the country and is often teeming with moviegoers, especially late at night. These theaters offer 3D, IMAX, and include various ETX experiences. AMC provides dining for its customers who want to have their pre-movie meal in the same place as their showing and want to kill two birds with one stone. If you are a lady, then you might fancy attending the Ladies Night Out event at Magnolia Park. This happens every last Friday of the month and is complete with food, music, and fun for everyone. The Starlight Bowl is a favorite haunt for many people, in particular on the 4th of July. This event includes a concert and a beautiful fireworks show. Past performers include The Commodores and Latin Jazz musician Poncho Sanchez. Are you fond of sports? The Park Bar and Grill is the best place to watch your favorite teams and to chow down on delicious entrees. Their tacos are heavenly. Also if you like games, then they offer beer pong, Buzztime gaming, and life-size Jenga, and Connect Four. They’re somewhat useful for a distraction in case your team isn’t winning.

These locations are only a few out of the many events and places to go and see. Take time to think about your particular tastes and what you might enjoy the most. The nightlife in Burbank, CA can be most exhilarating and adventurous. It has something for everyone whether you want a quiet evening eating dinner with your significant other, to spend a whole afternoon rocking out to famous artists, or if you’d like to have your funny bone tickled at the comedy club. Burbank is filled with wondrous adventures that will leave you wanting more.