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New Client Onboarding Information


  • Business Information

  • Which email address would you like to receive your daily ranking reports? You may want this to be the same as your primary email, or maybe you have a secondary email in mind where you would rather have these continual updates sent to.
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  • Photos (Min 10 Photos): Upload Here
  • Media

    Having 20 unique pictures makes it much easier to add the proper amount of media to optimize your website for ranking. Please do your best to add as many pictures as you can.
    Alternatively, you may send these to us via email, dropbox, etc. if it is more convenient
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    Please fill in the URL, Login & Password for any existing social sites you have.
    This allows us make any SEO optimized changes that are necessary, and provides us with the links we need so we can power up and rank your social profiles.

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  • Please setup an email account for us.
    Account will be used for setting up social fortress & confirmation emails, so your email is not inundated with spam.
    If you do not know how, we are happy to do this for you.
  • Note: Previous Business Name, Address & Phone for editing business: (If business was submitted many times by you or other SEO worker)