Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing

Countless articles have been written on implementation strategies for social media marketing. Unfortunately, while very insightful, the core purpose for any business to have a sound social media marketing strategy is ignored. This should center around the benefits that social media marketing provides to a business.

In order to make understanding these benefits easier, they should be classified into four primary categories. These are: creating trust and credibility with your existing and prospective client base, amplifying your brand, creating useful engagement with your target audience, and creating a base for developing advanced targeting.


Creating Trust and Credibility

People connect and interact with social media much differently than they do with other forms of media. By virtue of the fact that social media allows people to share and exchange thoughts, content, even moods with others that they know and trust, the majority of people place a lot of credibility on what they have seen in their timelines. Being able to enter that circle of trust instantly elevates the credibility of your message.


Amplifying Your Brand

Platitudes such as, “your business is your culture” or “your business is your identity” abound. All entirely based on truth, however, many businesses struggle with even beginning the building of a brand, not to mention amplifying it. Social media marketing provides your business with the benefit of allowing for placement and diffusion of your brand on multiple levels. Your brand is able to reach your desired market segments in a way that is more personal, immediate and actionable than other forms of marketing. Instead of waiting for weeks to determine the effectiveness of a traditional campaign, a social media campaign allows you to gauge the penetration and effectiveness of your message allowing you to tweak it as necessary. This provides you with the benefit of creating brand recognition and expansion by social association.


Creating Useful Engagement

As any business owner should know, eyes and ears on your message are meaningless unless they provide your business with some sort of benefit. This benefit does not have to be an immediate sale, but it should be at minimum a quantifiable action that advances a customer or prospect along your sales funnel. Effective social media marketing yields the benefit of increasing conversions of prospects to customers, gauging the sentiment of your product or service, opening effective lines of communication with your target market and addressing issues or complaints in a timely manner. This level of engagement can then be leveraged in countless ways in terms of sales and customer service.


Development of Advanced Targeting

Perhaps the most valuable benefit that can be obtained from social media marketing is in helping your business to develop advanced targeting. As was mentioned earlier, social media is very personal. This level of personalization doesn’t only serve you in terms of improved engagement and improved branding, but it also yields invaluable benefit when it comes to fine tuning your target audience. Some of the most effective social media marketing campaigns are in fact obtained after you have used the vast pool of targeting metrics that social media sites offer you. Social media marketing allows your business to seek out those that meet a set of criteria that can be as basic or as detailed as you want it to be. The rewards from being able to have such a finely tuned target are inevitably increased conversions, in whatever way your business defines a conversion.

Being informed of the benefits of social media marketing helps to place it in its proper perspective. It clarifies what should be expected from social media marketing, while at the same time clarifying just how much depth it actually has. Social media marketing is not just making a few promotional posts about your upcoming “special offer.” It is a powerful and comprehensive tool, that once its benefits are understood, proper application becomes far easier to implement.

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