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About SEO Firepower

SEO Firepower Search Engine Marketing is a leading digital marketing firm that was founded to over-deliver for all of its clients.

We have developed a highly specialized team of SEO experts, social media marketers and internet conversion specialists to deliver a full impact digital marketing plan for your company. Through the development of advanced proprietary search marketing methods, we have found success where other seo agencies fall short. SEO Firepower functions by providing best in class digital advertising practices, based on transparency with our customers and delivering results. Our company excels at providing substantial value for all of our clients, has a proven track record of numerous page one and number one rankings, and we promise to provide top-tier professional services backed by real results.

As a prospective client, there is a good chance that the main reason you are looking for SEO services is simple: You want more online visibility.

We work with businesses who are already established and excel in their industry with the products & services they provide, but just need that extra push when it comes to getting traffic through the door.

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    Our SEO process begins with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your website, the top competitors in your industry, and a thorough explanation of how we can help you.

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    After you receive your detailed video analysis explaining where you stand, we will construct an individualized plan of action to rank your website for key search terms related to your business.

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    Once we work together to determine what you would like to rank for, and how to best generate the most amount of traffic for your business, we will begin optimizing your on-page and off-page factors.

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    SEO does not happen overnight, it is like building muscle or training for a marathon. The magic happens in the consistency and quality of the work being done on a daily basis, but shortly after we begin you will start to see changes and improvements.

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    SEO Firepower offers world class social media marketing for Instagram and Twitter. We can also construct a content plan for your social media to make sure you have industry relevant media to consistently deliver to your audience.

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    Unlike SEO, social media growth happens promptly, and happens quickly. Our state-of-the-art targeted methods will propel your social media profiles to new heights, and help drive traffic to your website.

Meet The Team!


Devin Schumacher is a nationally recognized digital marketer and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.

Since early 2013, Devin has been an internet entrepreneur responsible for investing in, and co-founding, various mobile apps, online marketing & e-commerce companies and a venture capital fund that focused on early stage investments in digital ventures.

Currently acting as President and founder of SEO Firepower, Devin specializes in search engine optimization (SEO). He has worked with countless businesses, celebrities, personal brands, industry professionals, and local small businesses helping to boost online presence, drive more traffic to their websites, and increase revenues.

Connect with Devin Schumacher

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Trevor Hawley is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.

As a partner at SEO Firepower, Trevor has formulated and produced several unique services that offer assistance for other search engine optimization professionals to fulfill their SEO campaigns.

“My biggest thrill in life is bringing ideas to fruition. From my experiences bush-whacking through the creation of over 8 different businesses, I’ve finally landed on a deep-rooted passion for marketing & business development.”

Trevor continues to improve and expand on systematization techniques that are critical to business development & product production in both the digital marketing space as well as for other industries.

Connect with Trevor Hawley

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